Sempre’s products are handmade with old and new oak wood and reclaimed teak sourced from old houses, bridges, boats, railway sleepers,… which can easily be 80 years old before used in our furniture. Purchasing a wooden piece means accepting a crack or gap here and there, an irregular surface or wood structure, and the fact that the material lives. As a natural result of external influences, each piece will age differently and develop its unique character over time. When left outdoors, the wood will develop a grey patina. 

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We start with the basics: the raw material. For this, we choose from seven types of wood. Each type has its characteristics and properties that define it.   



Teak’s high oil content, high tensile strength, and tight grain make it particularly suitable for desired weather resistance.



This wood has a whole life behind it. It is reused from dismantled boats and cabins. Extremely suitable for statement items full of charisma!



This wood originally functioned as train sleepers, but today the teak wood is used for unique objects with a story.



Bare wood is one of the strongest woods on earth. It is very dark by nature and so heavy that it even sinks in water.



In the distant past, this wood was part of a railroad in Indonesia. We use this weathered and robust wood for ultra-solid furniture



Oak is known for its quality because it is a strong and rigid material. The aged version has had to endure several challenges, such as harsh weather, to reveal its rough side.



Chestnut is of the same family as oak, and contains many tannins as well. This renders the wood very durable, gives it excellent natural outdoor resistance, and saves the need for other protection


Once the type of wood has been determined, it’s time for the next step: choosing the right texture. There are seven exceptional textures to choose from.



­­­No texture is applied: the original structure is preserved



A subtle rustic treatment



A torn look, created by harsh weather conditions



Sculpted with hammer and chisel



­­­Squared out and made with a special technique we developed during the years.



Special Sempre design, chiseled by hand!



Man made using a special chainsaw technique.


The finish of your wood largely determines the final look of the product. You can choose a natural look, but gray, patiné, and fumé are also among the options.


A natural finish keeps the original color of the wood



An aging effect gives your furniture a rustic atmosphere


Patinated furniture gets a darker, warm color


A smoked look that blackens the wood


We are convinced that the natural aging process should be celebrated. That is why our products are not protected by default. If you do not want your furniture to endure too much, you have a few options to choose from.


You can choose not to have a final protective layer on your furniture. You embrace the natural process of wood and will celebrate each stain. 


A mat finish is perfect for those who prize the look of natural wood. Unlike shiny finishes, which can be distracting, mat finishes leave a silky-smooth surface while capturing all the rich colors wood has to offer.


This spray protects natural wooden surfaces from stains and water damage. Spray the surface until slightly wet, and repeat this every six months.


Wax acts as a sacrificial layer that can be easily and inexpensively replaced. Made from natural ingredients, they produce a soft, satin sheen and give the furniture a silky feel.



After years on the rough seas, a boat is dragged across the beach one last time. Its final journey towards the graveyard of ships, where she will lie to rest until the ends of time. The wood that makes up the boat has stories to tell for ages to come. Reclaiming this wood is a key factor in the Sempre perception, where life keeps on giving throughout time. ⁠⠀
When the boat is dismantled, local carpenters start to clean the wood and lay bare the secrets it has kept. They make sure that all metal is removed from the beams and planks that are being recovered. After the cleaning process, the reclaimed natural teak is formed into new life ranging from tables, chairs, and cabinets. ⁠⠀
After a long journey, the new furniture arrives at the client’s home or business, ready for a new life. To bring happiness to families enjoying a nice home-cooked meal at the dining table. Or to bring peace to people relaxing on the sunbeds in the hot summer sun.⁠⠀

good to know

You might want to know this up front!


Our natural wood products are not lacquered or varnished to show their true beauty. Because the wood is not sealed, it will absorb liquids from leaves, food, drinks, etc., which causes the wood to stain.
If desired, we can apply a protective layer.

living product

Wood is a living product that moves with time and can shrink and expand under the influence of humidity and temperature changes. Having all the screws and connections checked and tightened will extend the furniture’s lifespan so that you can enjoy it for many years to come. The relative air humidity should be controlled and held at a constant 60 – 65% to minimize the risk of cracking.

marks and stains

Since the wood has been used before, it has inevitable characteristics and markings. We insert patches in the wood to fill in holes and not remove materials from use over time, such as nails. Please note that all these materials can cause rust, which might stain the product itself or cause sedimentation on the floor.
The stains, however, will not compromise the quality of the wood itself.


Our wooden tables are originally designed for indoor use, but we can easily adjust their design for outdoors. In this case, we will alter the table top’s construction and leave some room in between the individual boards so that water can run through, and the wood has room to expand. This way, the wood will not warp or crack as easily. We use this outdoor design only for teak tables. If you wish to have an outdoor oak table, we recommend using a stone top with an oak table base.


Hardwoods such as teak and oak contain natural colorants such as tannins that are dissolvable in water. As a result, a discoloration from yellow to brown or red may occur when the wood comes in contact with liquid or even water-based paint or is put in a moist environment. These natural tannins can also emerge from the wood and affect any products or surfaces surrounding the wood.


Tables should remain leveled to avoid contortion and destabilization of the construction. The majority of our tables are shipped upside down to prevent breakage. It is essential to not put any weight on the legs from the sides when flipping the table. Instead, lift the entire table at once and place all legs on the floor simultaneously.

scars, stains, disorder & distortion

we find beauty in imperfection

maintenance tips

to keep your furniture beautiful in a natural way


Our advice is to clean and nourish the teak from time to time with a small amount of natural glycerin-based soap. We recommend Teak Protector Spray for indoor use, which covers the table with a thin protective layer. As this wears off over time, especially when the wood is used intensely, you should regularly reapply the treatment. 

Please note that teak fumé cannot be treated with TPS and should instead be polished or waxed. 


Oak can be treated with a humid cleaning cloth and a bit of decolorant followed by natural glycerin-based soap. Afterward, you can use a sanding sponge to polish the surface. 

Besides regular cleaning with soap and water as described above, we strongly advise our customers to enlist a professional woodworker to do thorough maintenance on their outdoor furniture at least once a year. This is particularly important for large projects where the furniture is kept outdoors all year round and is subjected to intensive use such as in bars, hotels, and restaurants. 

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