Sempre works solely with natural stones mined in Belgium, Portugal, Italy, and France. Chemical products or colorings are banned, and the natural elements are celebrated even more. Fossil prints remind us that these stones have many stories to tell. 

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We start with the basics: the raw material. For this, we choose from a wide range of stones, all mined in Europe. 

Virgin Bluestone


This Belgian stone is characterized by many fossils, cemented by a micro-crystalline gangue containing very finely divided carbon, which gives the limestone its blue color. 

French Massangis


Massangis has a neutral and even tone in a warm sandy color. This limestone is relatively soft and porous. 

Carrara Marble


Carrara marble is a white or blue-grey marble that carries a rich history dating back to the Roman empire. The composition of Carrara Marble makes it susceptible to acids. 

Granite Black


Granite is a coarse-grained igneous rock formed from magma. It is hard-wearing, low maintenance, waterproof, stain-resistant, difficult to scratch or burn, and long-lasting. 

Portuguese Marble Grey


The Grey Marble is the gray, softer variant of the Portuguese white marble. 

Portuguese Marble White


Marble is a metamorphic rock formed when limestone dolomite rock is exposed to high temperatures and pressures. Pure white marble is the result of very pure metamorphism. 

Granite Beige


This stone is a veined granite with a creamy white background and dark gray and brown veins.  



More information is coming soon. 



Like a rainforest in the Amazon the Autumn Green stone is like bringing a part of nature in your home.


Most of our stone surfaces can be reworked with a top finish. This finish largely determines the final look of the product. 



No additional finishing 

Saw Cut


A ragged look obtained by saw cuts 



A corroded finish 



An antique effect obtained by – coming soon. 



Hammered tiny wells 



Classic treatment of Belgian bluestone with rim 



Adds an extra color enhancement 

Erosé Leathered


Corroded effect with color enhancement 



A vintage effect by manual manipulation 

Bouchardé brute


Coarsely hammered wells 



Adds an extra color enhancement 

Erosé fumé


An eroded and darkening effect 



More information is coming soon. 



More information is coming soon. 



More information is coming soon. 


You can choose from 5 edge finishes. Do you prefer a classic or natural finish, the choice is yours! 



Rounded edge with natural shape.



Irregular edge with level difference.



Engraved lines for a classic edge. 



The pure forms of the rock.



Soft and evenly rounded.



Straight from the saw machine, no extra finishing done to your stone.


We are convinced that the natural aging process should be celebrated. That is why our products are not protected by default. If you do not want your furniture to endure too much, you have a few options to choose from. 


You can choose not to have a final protective layer on your furniture. You embrace the natural process of wood and will celebrate each stain. 


You can saturate your stone with a pore filler—more information coming soon. 


This spray protects stone surfaces from stains and water damage. Spray the surface until slightly wet, and repeat this every six months.  


Do you like the look of natural stone but are you terrified of stains and scratches? A ceramic top might be your solution. The maximum size of our ceramic slabs is 162x324cm. 

Calacatta imperial


20mm thick 

Grigio intenso


12mm thick 

Nero marquina


20mm thick 

Mek bronze


12mm thick 


We prefer to cover the table with beautiful ceramics and original natural products, such as lava stone and river stone. Artisans in our production houses in Portugal and Indonesia make unique products of which no two are the same. 


Our stoneware is made from natural terracotta, which is glazed for color. If a piece chips off, the original terracotta color will show through. 


As the name suggests, lavastone is a product derived from lava from an erupted volcano. The lava rolls through sand and hardens, which creates this beautiful but somewhat porous product. Fun fact: you can find small pebbles that are fused with the lava. 

Just like lavastone, this material is created by an eruption. The lava is stopped by a river with water and cools down rapidly. The water-resisting riverstone is born! We love to use this material to serve food. 

Clay is one of those materials that form the world around us. People in the first days of humanity used it as a way to create shelter against natural elements. Egyptians turned them into pots for storing grain, while the Romans adapted them to fresh food storage spaces. In time pottery became a piece of art that has passed on for generations.
It's an all-natural material that is formed by a master's hand. Stoneware made by the artisans at Sempre is not a machine-made process but a handcrafted art form. They apply glazes by hand to specify the desired finish. Special colors are produced that are unique every time.
Used in Hospitality and privately across the globe. The Sempre made stoneware enhances your dining experience. Our products go hand in hand with the art that is cooking. It entices the eye and creates a feeling of homely luxury.

good to know

You might want to know this up front!


Our stones are mined from nature, which means that they contain fossils. As a result, white/ greyish marks or veins run through the stone. The quantity and size vary from piece to piece. Fossils are an inherent characteristic of the stone and do not affect its quality. 


To avoid breakage, always place your bluestone table tops perfectly horizontal and level on the designated base. Ensure that there are no small scraps of stone or other materials stuck between the top and base. 


Belgian bluestone is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. Its low porosity makes the material resistant to frost and pollution. The tops do not need to be covered in winter.  

Massengis and Lapia stones can be used outdoors, whereas Carrara marble tables are best kept indoors and must not contact acids. 


We do not seal our bluestone, so its porosity allows liquids from leaves, food, drinks, etc., to enter the stone, resulting in stains. When used indoors, we recommend TPS, which covers the tabletop with a thin protective layer. As this wears off over time, especially when the top is used intensely, you should regularly reapply the treatment. The coating prevents liquids from permeating the stone upon contact but does not make it 100% impenetrable, so it is best to wipe off any liquid as soon as possible.  


Stains are less noticeable on our darker, fumé finishes. These finishes are created by impregnating the stone with a color deepener, which is available for purchase at Sempre. Always make sure to leave enough dry time between the different layers. If stains occur, Sempre can suggest an appropriate treatment. 


Outside, grease marks on the stones will eventually fade with exposure to the sun and rain. This can take anywhere from several weeks to several months, depending on the grease’s nature and amount. For quicker results, you can use water with two spoonfuls of ammonia or a good detergent. 


Superficial micro-scratches are normal and will, over time, contribute to give the top a beautiful patina. To nourish the stone and reduce micro-scratches, you may treat the top with natural glycerin-based soap diluted in water. You can clean the stone by nourishing it from time to time with a small amount of natural glycerin-based soap. 

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